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 Bailey Farms' Peppers
 Basket of peppers We work very hard to ensure that our chiles are of the highest quality and possess the characteristics that every consumer is looking for. For instance, there are over fourty varieties of jalapenos on the market. Some are bred for ease of growing, disease resistance, increased production and smooth skin appearance. Unfortunately many of these have gotten away from the traditional eating characteristics of jalapenos. Some may have very little heat, some may have a very hard outer skin, and while others may not look or taste like a jalapeno at all. We only work with the varieties that have the correct characteristics, even though it may not always be the easiest to grow and handle. We do this for all of the varieties that we sell. Our many years of experience and our aggressive field trial and breeding program allow us to consistently deliver a superior product that looks and tastes like it should. We also do everything we can to get them to the consumer as fresh as possible. If your grocery store does not carry our chiles, please ask your produce manager “Why not?!”