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Our Company Mission: To establish year-round supply partnerships and to consistently deliver to them the very best quality and service. To help our customers increase sales of our products to the consumer with effective marketing and promotion, all at a reasonable price.

 About us artwork Here at Bailey Farms, Inc., we have learned that just as there are three major components in fertilizer that make plants grow, there are also three major components in business: Quality, Service, and Marketing. Without one of these essential elements growth will be stunted, so we work relentlessly to keep the field of business fertile.

Our company grows, packs, distributes and markets specialty peppers (both hot and sweet) and tomatillo. We now grow in Florida and North Carolina to provide a year-round supply of specialty peppers and tomatillo. Bailey Farms is always striving to improve its products through aggressive seed trials and sharing of best growing practices among our grower-partners. These efforts have resulted in our company being able to supply a complete line of markets specialty peppers and tomatillo varieties that rival the characteristics of anything that previously could only be imported, plus we deliver them at much higher quality and freshness. Some of the varieties that we breed and develop are Bailey Farms exclusives giving us the product that we want to present to the fresh market.

In July of 2010 Bailey Farms South, LLC was born. This will be our winter growing season supply source in Bonita Springs, FL. Mike Clevenger and ‘JJ’ Black, formerly of Farmer Mikes, LLC will be managing the crops and packing house there. The reputation they built for quality will continue without interruption.

As of this update, we were packing over 35,000 cases (over 600,000 lbs) per week out of our Oxford, NC and Immokalee, FL facilities with a distribution area from Maine to Florida. Our company also handles its own distribution, with our fleet of five tractor-trailers and three straight trucks, to 45 food distribution facilities on the east coast. In addition to our fresh products, we have developed a line of markets gourmet hot sauces some of which can be found at Food Lion in the produce section as well as other select food stores.

This website was designed to promote education and proper use of the products that we sell. Whether you have found this website on our product labels or have stumbled across us by surfing the net, I hope that you find this website informative and enjoyable. This will be a continual "work in progress." Many of the recipes listed here I have personally tried and cooked and some are even from my favorite Mexican cook, Maria, who got me started on this to begin with. We will frequently update and add recipes to this website. So, enjoy and EAT MORE CHILE PEPPERS!

Randy Bailey
Owner and President,
Bailey Farms, Inc.

Updated 9-23-2010